Chiropractor Open Saturday in San Diego

When I first began practicing in 1992 I wanted to be a San Diego chiropractor open Saturday because almost all chiropractors are closed over the weekend.  There are a few reasons that I wanted to be open on Saturday – some of those reasons are altruistic while others are, to be honest, kind of self-centered.

San Diego Chiropractor Open Saturday

Chiropractor Open Saturday in San DiegoSince my San Diego chiropractic office is open on Saturdays,  it gives my patients who can’t find time during the week an opportunity to get the treatment that they need.  Patients that come in for treatment on Saturday are usually more relaxed than they would be during the week for obvious reasons.

To begin with, most people are off on Saturday so they are not as tense or stressed which usually results in more effective treatment.  As a chiropractor, patients being more relaxed makes my job of adjusting them easier.  Easier adjustments benefit both the patients and the chiropractor.

Another reason that I decided to be a chiropractor open on Saturday in San Diego is that there are people who bury their head in their work during the week and don’t realize how much discomfort they have until they wake up on Saturday morning.  Since so many chiropractic offices are not open on Saturdays, patients who prefer conservative treatment for their aches and pains don’t have many choices.  Being a chiropractor open Saturday gives me an opportunity to provide treatment for people in this position who prefer conservative care.

I have my own reasons for choosing to be a chiropractor open Saturday as well.  Since San Diego is a vacation town, on Saturdays our new patients tend to be people vacationing from other parts of the country and sometimes from other parts of the world.  I always find people from other places to be fun and interesting.

Saturdays have a completely different feel about them that is totally different from weekdays.  Even though on Saturdays I am working and I am thinking like a chiropractor, Saturday feels like a day off because of the more relaxed atmosphere.

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Author: Allison Yardley

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