Surprising Facts About A Chiropractic Care

How Will A Chiropractic Care Help You Ease That Pain?

Surprising Facts About A Chiropractic CareA chiropractic care can use treatments such as adjustments, massage, and stretching. Deep tissue massage of the neck and shoulder muscles can reduce tension, and a chiropractic care can realign neck vertebrae. A Chiropractic care can help prevent joints from wearing out!

Take a look at these great reasons why getting regular a chiropractic care is one of the best decisions you can make. The great thing about chiropractic care is that it is safe for all ages. Chiropractic care is growing because more and more people are finding out that it works!Take a look at why it is so important to take care of your health in today’s world, and why chiropractic care is the perfect means to make it happen.

What Is a Chiropractor? Surprising Facts About Chiropractic Care

Today there are more than 77,000 licensed Doctors of Chiropractic (DC) in the U.S. alone, plus thousands more practicing in countries throughout the world. (1) As one of the most popular types of alternative treatment approaches (meaning those that are non-medical), millions of people each year seek chiropractic care.

Since its official beginning more than 100 years ago, chiropractic education and care has since come a very long way. While in the past certain medical doctors may not have spoken positively about the field of chiropractic, speculating that chiropractic adjustments weren’t necessarily as effective as treatments like drugs or surgery, today things are different. Many MD’s regularly refer their patients to Chiropractors for help with a range of symptoms, everything from migraines and joint pain, to constipation and visual problems.

Chiropractic care is considered an alternative treatment approach to taking pain-killing drugs or undergoing surgery. Many people don’t realize that similarly to medical doctors, Chiropractors spend years in training — thoroughly learning about subjects like anatomy, physiology, nutrition and holistic health. See more here.

One of the key selling points for chiropractic care is the anatomically impossible premise that your spinal nerve roots are important to your general health.

4 Surprising Facts About Spinal Adjustments & Chiropractic Care

Considering how popular spinal adjustments are, there’s a surprising amount of misinformation about chiropractics. Stroud Chiropractic Clinic in Archdale, North Carolina, has been in business for 32 years, and they love informing the public about this rewarding and versatile therapy. Here, the clinic’s staff sheds some light on the field.

Four Facts You May Not Know About Chiropractic Care

1. Spinal Adjustments Don’t Hurt 

When you think of neck or back pain and their respective treatments, you likely think of a painful snap, crackle, and pop that some people mistakenly associate with spinal adjustments. In reality, the process is much gentler than you may have imagined, and that dreaded popping and cracking is merely the sound of the adjustment creating space within joints.

2. There’s Much More To The Field Than Back Pain Relief 

You can (and should) visit the chiropractor for a vast array of reasons beyond back pain. In addition to injury relief and adjustments, chiropractors provide indispensable advice on nutrition, fitness, and general wellness. They will also screen for other conditions and happily refer you to the appropriate practitioners when necessary. Check more here.

Spinal manipulation and chiropractic care are generally considered a safe, effective treatment for acute low back pain, the type of sudden injury that results from moving furniture or getting tackled.

34 Powerful Benefits Of Chiropractic Care For Pain Patients

Seeing a chiropractor isn’t just about getting your back cracked. (Though it feels sooooo good.) When you find the right chiropractor, you’ll also see benefits of chiropractic care that range from reducing your pain to improving your mood to saving you money.

1. Chiropractic care provides powerful pain relief

Some studies have found that chiropractic care can reduce pain even more effectively than medications. A study in 2012 found that spinal manipulation was more effective than medication for acute neck pain. An earlier study in 2013 found that not only did patients with neck pain show faster improvement with chiropractic treatments but also that they paid less for their treatment overall. We’ve recently rounded up even more research backing the use of chiropractic to help relieve pain in our post “6 New Chiropractic Pain Management Research Findings.”

Dr. Axe also provides more research showing the benefits of chiropractic care for:

  • Sciatica
  • Lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Ear infections
  • Frozen shoulder syndrome
  • Scoliosis. Read full article here.

A Chiropractic Care Is Safe For The Whole Family

For many conditions, such as low back pain, a chiropractic care is the primary method of treatment. The best part about chiropractic care is that it is about way more than your spine. One of the best things about chiropractic care is that it works in multiple areas of your life.

If you want to improve your health and feel your best, a chiropractic care is a great place to start. Chiropractic care is a great way to boost health and feel good. If you need one way to improve your health as a whole, chiropractic care is one of your best options, contact us here: (619) 831-8777.

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