Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatment

In most cases, neck pain is from the muscles, ligaments and joints that move and support the neck.  These structures are often stressed by bad posture from computer work, smart phones, laptops, tablets, etc., which contribute to the development of neck pain.  Because it is usually from the joints and the supporting muscles and ligaments, chiropractic neck pain treatment is usually very effective.

Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatment is Part of the Solution

Neck pain affects almost everyone.  If you think about it we spend the majority of our days as kids sitting at a desk looking downward at study materials (when I was in school it was books – now it is electronic gadgets).  All of this postural stress sets us up for periods of neck pain throughout our lives.  After finishing school, many of us end up using computers, smart phones and tablets for communicating and research during the course of our work days.  Because of these variables, neck pain treatment is known to most of us.

In addition to stress from bad posture, we tend to express our emotional stress as tightness of the muscles of the upper back and those in the neck.  When work is demanding, the kids or spouse is stressing you out or if you or a loved one are sick, the stress that you feel from that results in tight shoulders, tension in the neck, grinding teeth, etc.  Chiropractic neck pain treatment can relieve the tension from these stresses but unfortunately it cannot eliminate the cause.

Old injuries can magnify current episodes of neck pain.  Injuries have a cumulative effect on the spine that results from chronically tight muscles and scar tissue build up.  This is also complicated by the simple fact that as we age we tend to stretch and exercise with less frequency.  Inflexibility that tends to progress as we age is a primary cause of injuries which, in turn, leads to episodes of neck pain in the future.

Chiropractic neck pain treatment focuses on reducing muscle tension and improving range of motion of the joints in the neck.  Range of motion of the neck can be improved with chiropractic adjustments and specific stretches.  Exercises for the neck will improve the strength and stability of the neck making it less likely to become a source of pain in the future.  Chiropractic neck pain treatment by itself will produce benefits and sometimes just stretching and exercising will help but a complete, long lasting solution is a combination of both.

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Author: Steve Jones

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