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Car Accident Recovery

Most of us worry more about the condition of our cars than we do ourselves following a car accident.  When we are involved in an accident, our bodies release adrenaline which can mask pain.  For many people, the pain and tightness associated with a car accident injury does not appear for hours, days or sometimes weeks following the accident.  In the meantime, we are completely immersed in arranging for our cars to be repaired.

Car Accident Injuries Require Treatment

Our bodies always respond the same way to neck or back injuries, and whiplash injuries are no different.  Car accidents create G-Forces that stretch and tear muscles and ligaments causing irritation and inflammation.

In most cases, inflammation causes pain but in some cases it doesn’t which makes us think that we were not injured.  Inflammation causes the body to produce scar tissue which limits or alters the range of motion of our spinal joints.  With time, this stress causes arthritis (osteoarthritis).  Scar tissue begins to form within 48 hours and can restrict joint motion within 7 days.  Our bodies always over-produce scar tissue – this is bad news when it forms in and around our joints.

Osteoarthritis is often discovered in those who have suffered a traumatic injury. Osteoarthritis is known to cause symptoms that include pain, stiffness and achiness with cold or wet weather.

Early treatment following a car accident is the best way to protect yourself against pain and stiffness.   The longer you wait to receive treatment following a car accident the more likely it will be that you suffer with chronic pain in the future.

Chiropractic treatment is very effective for car accident injuries.  Treatment includes chiropractic manipulations to restore full range of motion of the joints in your spine and using therapies to reduce inflammation and pain.

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