Can Chiropractic Reverse Heart Disease? May Be!

How Can Chiropractic Reverse Heart Disease?

Reverse Heart DiseaseThe first one to focus on to reverse heart disease is to start a safe and effective level of exercise program. The second to reverse heart disease is to focus on heart disease diet.  The third for heart health success and to prevent and reverse heart disease is to focus on connecting with your body through stress management practices.

And to reverse heart disease is about simplicity, gentleness, ease and stress management. The diet to reverse heart disease is considered most popular, but it has strict guidelines for very little saturated fat allowed. The only diet that has been proven to reverse heart disease is actually not only a diet, it is part of a chiropractic care program including stress management, exercise, and group support. Chiropractic care on how to prevent, halt and even reverse heart disease have inspired people all over the world to control their health destinies to an extent they never thought possible.

Chiropractic Linked To Reversing Heart Disease

Heart disease is a fear every man lives with, especially in his later years. The statistics are quite staggering, with heart disease being the leading cause of death for men, killing an estimated one in four males in the United States. The scariest part is, you could die from heart disease suddenly without showing any previous symptoms, particularly by coronary disease. However, research is now saying that chiropractic adjustments can help prevent and even reverse the effects of heart disease. 

The Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research preformed a case study on a 54-year-old man who had an abnormal lipid panel. Chiropractic care alone, meaning no other changes to diet or physical activity, was able to change his lipid panel, creating normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Before starting the chiropractic treatments, the man was on 10 medications for his high cholesterol, and participated in the study in an attempt to get off some, if not all, his meds. Subluxations were found in the patient’s neck, pelvis and sacrum. 

New research is showing that even the most minor spinal subluxations, otherwise known as misalignments of the spine, can cause a plethora of problems in the body, including heart related issues. These subluxations end up disrupting the nervous system, which cause the equilibrium in the body to become unbalanced. Aligning the spine back to its correct position clears the interference between the body and the nervous system, which in turn corrects any and all bodily ailments. Read more here.

Chiropractic care is that the only thing that you need to do to reverse heart disease removes the conditions that caused the heart disease to develop.

Cardiovascular Disease May Take a Dive With Chiropractic Care

ost individuals believe that cardiovascular disease can only be mitigated through diet, exercise and keeping blood cholesterol and blood pressure in check, as well as getting a sound sleep and banning cigarettes. All of these disciplines are standard. Yet, studies have revealed that chiropractic care may have a more dominant impact on lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease than previously thought.  It is exciting to read about studies showing that cardiovascular disease may take a dive with chiropractic care.

Can regular adjustments in the chiropractor’s office really help someone maintain cardiovascular wellness? Studies are indicating yes. Minor dysfunctions in spinal alignment may be a significant factor in a number of disorders according to researchers. Such imbalances can aggravate a person’s nervous system and lead to a variety of different dysfunctions. According to Dr. Nate Blume, “The body’s homeostatic mechanism is thrown off.”Blume helped direct a study that focused on two areas:  the relation between blood pressure, and heart rates. Chiropractic research from other doctors have supported his findings.

One study conducted at a respected chiropractic college found that adjustments to patients helped lower average heart rates for those who had above average heart rates.  The main reason thought to be the basis for this finding is that chiropractic care is therapeutic for the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, which can directly affect heart rate variability. Researchers have proposed that back pain, which chiropractic adjustments relieve, may have caused a raise in heart rates.  Stress was probably another factor.  Pain leads to higher stress, which in turn can cause an elevated heart rate. See more here.

The chiropractic adjustments practice to reverse heart disease is the cardiac rehabilitation exercise program and proper diet can prevent and reverse heart disease

Chiropractic adjustments shown to reverse heart disease

Man’s heart health changed by chiropractic
According to the case study, a 54-year-old man undergoing chiropractic care experienced normalization of his lipid panel following six months of chiropractic adjustments. Fascinatingly, no other interventions. The patient first came into the chiropractor’s office with a chief complaint of high cholesterol and was taking more than 10 medications to manage his condition. With a past history of heart attack and angioplasty, he was considered “high risk.” One month prior to initiating chiropractic care, he had a lipid panel drawn indicating abnormal levels of cholesterol, LDL, HDL and triglycerides.

Natural health experts speak out
According to Dr. Nate Blume, the attending chiropractor, “Research is revealing that minor disturbances to spinal alignment and function may be a factor in a number of disorders. These spinal disturbances lead to nerve interference and can result in a host of disorders because the body’s homeostatic mechanism is thrown off. “It makes a lot of sense when you think about it,” stated Dr. Matthew McCoy, a chiropractor, public health researcher and editor of the journal that published the study. “If you damage or compress or otherwise interfere with the neurological structures in the spine this can have far reaching implications on the functioning of the body.

Vertebral subluxation
“Finding the cause of the cardiovascular disease and reducing those risks is a much better strategy,” according to the study. One such risk is thought to be spinal misalignments and/or abnormal motion of the spine, termed “vertebral subluxations” by chiropractors, which result in structural and neurological interference to the spine and nervous system. It is this interference that may cause a cascade of neuroendocrine events that lead to abnormal cholesterol metabolism. The theory is that, once those spinal distortions are corrected, the body is better able to balance its physiology. Read full article here.

Chiropractic Care Reverse Heart Disease

Since one of the primary causes of atherosclerosis is consuming a poor diet, one way to reduce your cardiovascular event risk and reverse heart disease is to eat better.  Individuals using the chiropractic care program to reverse heart disease can undergo additional training to develop healthy habits alongside the dieting advice in the main program. The same lifestyle changes that can reverse heart disease can slow, stop, and often even reverse the progression of men with early-stage prostate cancer.

Prevent and reverse heart disease will share emotion management tips and techniques to optimize your heart health, reduce your risk of heart disease, and help you live a positive and healthy lifestyle. The safe and trusted ways to prevent and reverse heart disease are explained thoroughly with easy to apply practices. Our success in counseling patients in how to arrest and reverse heart disease is directly related to the time and effort we expend to help them understand the connection between diet and disease. For more information about chiropractic care, you may contact us here: (619) 831-8777.


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