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Neck Pain and Whiplash Accidents

The most common injury that the patients of our San Diego Chiropractic clinic experience when hit from behind by another car is neck pain.  While there are many causes of neck pain, when it is caused by a car accident it is usually the result of muscles and ligaments being over stretched and possibly torn from the force of the accident.  The American Chiropractic Association indicates that whiplash car accident are among the most common causes of neck pain, you can read more about neck pain from car accidents by clicking here.

When you are hit from behind in your vehicle, the first thing that happens is that your neck straightens and your head is whipped backward.  As your head is whipped backward (WHIPLASH), the muscles in the front of your neck are stretched to their limit.  Sometimes the stretch placed on these muscles pulls and tears some of the muscle fibers in the front of the neck causing a painful, strained feeling that can interfere with your ability to swallow or even talk.  Keep in mind that many of the muscles in your neck attach into your shoulders making the combination of neck and shoulder pain common after car accidents.

After your head is whipped backward, the muscles that were stretched in the front of your neck experience a forceful, reflexive contraction that whips your head forward and stretches or tears the muscles in the back of your neck which also causes a painful strained feeling in the neck.

Click here to see an animated video of a whiplash injury.

Your neck is more likely to be injured in a car accident than other parts of your back because it has the smallest muscles, it has the least protection from the vehicle and it has to balance and control the weight of your head.  All these factors lead to easy injury on the neck in a rear end type motor vehicle accident.  (Click here to read more about Whiplash on my blog)

Chiropractic care is the ideal for treatment of this type of injury.  Chiropractic care reduces your pain, improves your range of motion and helps you heal faster and stronger.  We are experts in diagnosing and treating injuries related to car accidents.

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